The Mental Health Association of Orange County, a leader in the mental health field for over 53 years hires creative professionals for programs serving adults with mental illness.

MHA's current programs include a wide range of services to improve the quality of life for Orange County residents impacted by mental illness. The agency employs over 100 unique and talented individuals and serves over 16,000 individuals each year.

The Mental Health Association follows closely the psychosocial/psychiatric rehabilitation philosophy. All applicants are expected to follow this model of care.

The Mental Health Association is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is proud to employ a diverse staff. Persons of all backgrounds and beliefs are encouraged to apply please email  Submit your resume to  Your resume will be reviewed by agency program managers.  Qualified candidates will be contacted.

Below is a list of available positions:

Part-Time Staff Psychiatrist

M.D. in Psychiatry required.

Staff Psychiatrist will:

  • Provide evaluations, diagnosis and medication managment to clients;
  • Provide Case consultation to Program Directors, Clinical Supervisors and program staff;
  • Prepare, maintain and manage records appropriate to the service provided;
  • Provide and evaluate blood tests to determine the impact of medication to clients' physical health;
  • Provide education to clients and program staff regarding possible side effects of medication;
  • Act as a member of the multidisciplinary treatment team, as well as provide supervision to nursing staff, if applicable.

To apply, email your resume and cover letter to Jeffrey A. Thrash, Chief Executive Officer.


-         Master's degree and licensed eligible or BA in Social Services Field
·         Mastery of DMH documentation a plus!
·         Skilled in assessment of mental illness and substance abuse.

 Job Description:
Under the direction of the Program Director, the clinician provides services to mental health consumers in areas of assessment, case management, supportive therapy, and crisis intervention.

A candidate must:
·         Ability to maintain an ongoing caseload
·         Provide individual therapy
·         Ability to complete DMH documentation in a timely fashion
·         Ability to assist consumers with identifying and meeting goals
·         Provide individual & group services as required
·         Uphold MHA's treatment philosophy and policies
·         Be open to learning and being a dynamic part of a treatment team
·         Ability to read, write, and understand English and preferably Vietnamese or Korean.

Location: Full-Time position available in Garden Grove.

To apply email your resume and cover letter to Sherri Abbassi,, Program Director.


Job Description:
Under the direction of the Program Director, the Outreach Worker is responsible for providing outreach services to homeless mentally ill adults, with a focus on establishing linkages between the homeless mentally ill and a variety of services including shelter, social services, medical and psychiatric care, and MHA's Multi-Service center.

- Bachelor's degree in Social Work or related field, or
- Sufficient personal experience with homelessness and/or mental illness to qualify the candidate to fulfill the requirements of the position, or
-Two years equivalent experience working in a mental health or social service setting.

A Candidate Must:
-Possess working knowledge of entitlement programs, housing and shelter resources, legal services, mental health and substance abust services, health care resources, vocational training and rehabilitation, and employment assistance.
-Able to read, write and understand English and Spanish.
-Capable of providing crisis intervention services to address acute psychiatric episodes, health emergencies, or personall crisis.
-Excellent social and communication skills of a level sufficient to engage consumers, build trusting relationships, and encourage them to participate in the program.

Location: Full-Time position available in Santa Ana

To apply email your resume and cover letter to Kay Hough,, Program Director.


Job Description:
Under the direction of the Program Director, the Housing Specialist is responsible for providing services to assist consumers in evaluating, locating and maintaining safe, permanent housing in the community.

- Bachelor's degree in Social Work or related experience.
- Knowledge of severe mental illness and its treatment.
- One year employment in a social service setting.
-Previous psychosocial rehabilitation experience desired.
- Able to represent agency to constituents and to make public presentations.

A Candidate Must:
-Provide services to ensure consumers locate and obtain appropriate housing.
- Develop and maintain a list of housing options for consumers.
- Ensure that meaningful independent living support services, including workshops, are provided.
- Provide initial assessment of consumers to determine their independent living abilities and housing preferences.
- Refer consumers to other agencies as appropriate.
- Develop an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) with each person accepted into the program.
- Evaluate and secure financial assistance for consumers as appropriate.
- Provide crisis intervention as appropriate.
- Provide ongoing support and advocacy for housing issues.

Location: Part-Time postion available in Santa Ana

To apply email your resume and cover letter to Kay Hough,, Program Director.


Job Description:
Under the direction of the Multi-Service Center Program Director, the Program Assistant is responsible for providing program support to the Multi-Service Center program.

- High school diploma.
- One year of experience that demonstrates possession of the required knowledge and abilities.
- Understanding and compassion in working with metnally ill clients.
-Cultural competency and sensitivity.
- Good communication skills (written and Verbal).
-Basic computer skills: Microsoft programs and internet.

A Candidate Must:
- Be responsible for reception, greeting and assisting clients, answering phones, and general center and reception area appearnce.
- Be responsible for consumer sign-in and sign-out efforts and tracking.
- Set up new consumer files as designated.
- Responsible for filing, organization, documentaiton and secure maintenance of client files.
- General observation of consumer behavior and notification of appropriate staff and/or management of any concerns in a timely manner.
- Maintain forms and support documents needed for the Multi-Service Center.
-Responsible for mail: postage, drop off/pick up at post office P.O. Box, open and disperse to appropriate staff member.
- Provide office support to Program Director and staff by making photocopies, faxing documents, and other office support duties as needed. 

Location: Full-Time postion available in Santa Ana

To apply email your resume and cover letter to Kay Hough,, Program Director.


Job Description: Under the supervision of the Program Director, the Nurse is responsible for providing basic wellness checks for consumers as well as provide supervision and training to student nurses, the program staff and consumers.

- Current CA RN license and graduate of an accredited school of nursing program.
- Minimum of 1 year hands-on experience in outpatient nursing patient care.
- Knowledgable in the treatment of mental health and substance abuse issues and the pertinent medications and possible side effects.
- Experienced in working with and communication with a multi-disciplinary team.
- Comfortable in treating persistently mentally ill and homeless individuals.
- Excellent communication skills (written and verbal).

A Candidate Must:
- Assess consumer medical condition as needed through administering basic wellness checks to include vitals, temperature, blood pressure, height and weight checks and documenting in consumer file.
 - Perform basic wound care including cleaning and bandaging injured areas.
- Perform active linkage to medical services in the community when indicated.
- Provide on-site supervision to assigned student nurses in conjunction with the host school nursing field instructors.
- Provide wellness groups for the consumers on topics including diet, nutrition, etc.
- Communicate actively with members of a multi-disciplinary team and supervisors to ensure the mental health and medical needs of the consumers are met. 

Location: Part-Time postion available in Santa Ana

To apply email your resume and cover letter to Kay Hough,, Program Director.


Job Description: Under the direction of the Program Director, the Data Analyst is responsible to develop analysis and reporting capabilities, and to continuously monitor program outcomes.

- High School Diploma with 1 year of hands-on experience working in a financial, accounting, or record-keeping environment. Thorough working knowledge of the lastest version of MS Excel required. Experience in auditing spreadsheet and database informtion highly desirable.
-Must understand Mental Health systems.
- Knowledge in the HMIS Database Systems preferred.
- Strong analytical skills with the ability to collect, organize, analyze, and dissseminate informtion with attention to detail and accuracy.

A Candidate Must:
- Interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports.
- Develop and implement data collection systems and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and data quality.
- Acquire data from primary or secondary data sources and maintain databases/data systems.
- Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets.
- Filter and "clean" data, and review computer reports, printouts, and performance indicators to locate and correct code problems.
- Works cooperatively with others to assure the smooth and seamless delivery of comprehensive support services to program supervisors.
- Works cooperatively with other staff to manage program documentation, making timely changes or updates as needed or requested.
- Reviews complied data and requests changes, clarification or updates from staff as needed.
- Analyzes program data and monthly reports for program supervisors.
- Work closely with mangement to prioritize business and information needs.
- Attends required trainings and meetings, and participates actively in the community life of the worksite.
- Adhere to the agreed upon schedule coordinated with the Program Director. 

Location: Part-Time postion available in Santa Ana

To apply email your resume and cover letter to Kay Hough,, Program Director.

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